Tortellini Modenesi

Fresh pasta

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  • Tortellini Modenesi


    Tortellini is a typicaldish of Emilia Romagna, which has been able to conquer the whole of Italy becoming a symbol of Italian cuisine, and like every regional dish each family has its own recipe.

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  • Bolognese sauce


    The Bolognese sauce is made following the home process: in a pot, with sautéed fresh vegetables and extra virgin olive oil. A high quality sauce, with a soft consistency and an appetizing taste, produced according to the ancient Emilian tradition. Impossible to resist him.

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  • Cooked Ham Rosette


    Rosette is a light ovenbaked pasta, typical of Emilia Romagna, filled with cooked ham, béchamel and cheese.

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  • potato gnocchi


    Gnocchi on Thursday ?? They are wonderful every day 😉

    An authentic flavor combined with an extraordinary softness: discover the potato gnocchi

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  • Tagliatelle Bolognesi


    Tagliatelle is the classic pasta format made by our grandmothers at home for Sunday lunch. Filotea, taking up the traditional Marche recipe and using only Italian raw materials, packages this format devoting maximum care and attention to every stage of the production process.

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  • Tagliolini


    Noodles (in some regions called taglierini) are a variety of fresh egg pasta typical of all Italian cuisine!

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