Cherries of Vignola IGP 1Kg

Cherries of Vignola IGP 1Kg


Cherries of Vignola IGP 1Kg

The price includes packing, dryce tablet to keep the durons in temperature controlled. They will come to your house fresh as if they had just been harvested.

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The denomination “Cherries of Vignola” IGP designates the fruit of the following cherry cultivars: Precoci: Bigarreau Moreau, Mora di Vignola; Medium: Durone dell’Anella, Anellone, Giorgia, Durone Nero I, Samba, Van; Late: Durone Nero II, Durone della Marca, Lapins, Ferrovia, Sweet Heart; cultivated in the territory consisting in the strip formed by the foothill stretch of the Panaro river and other minor waterways, from 30 meters a.s.l. up to the altitude of 950 meters, in the following municipalities of the Provinces of Modena and Bologna: 1)

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