Parmesan cheese white 30 month high mountain

Parmesan cheese white 30 month high mountain


Parmesan cheese di Vacca Bianca Modenese
We could call it a “masterpiece” of cheese, one of the oldest and best known cheeses in the world, Parmesan cheese is a 100% natural product with peculiar nutritional and organoleptic properties, for over nine centuries follows a faithful recipe based on artisan dairy care and time. It has a strong taste and a high digestibility.

Protection of animal biodiversity
The milk of Bianca Modenese is a raw material of exceptional quality: the excellent ratio of fat content and protein index, and the high frequency of gene B of K-caseine, make it easier to work during the complex process that leads to the creation of Parmesan cheese

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La Bianca Modenese
Historical notes
The first evidence of Bianca Modenese date back to the first half of the 19th century: the breeding of this breed – together with Rossa Reggiana – is immediately closely linked to the production of Parmesan cheese.

The Caseificio Rosola is proud to be at the forefront of the recovery and enhancement of this breed: to let the Bianca extinct would be to lose a not negligible element of our culture, of our history. And give up forever a raw material of unquestionable quality.

In the years 2000
The Province of Modena – with the collaboration of the Slow Food Movement and the Provincial Breeders Association – promotes an important protection project for animal biodiversity, which

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