Compote of sour cherries

Compote of sour cherries


Compote of sour cherries

Ingredients: sour cherries * 85%, grape sugar *

Obtained with 200 g of fruit per 100 g of finished product
Only Italian sour cherries

Peso Netto: 230 g
Fruit sugars only



Characteristics: our fruit compotes are prepared by cooking at a low temperature to preserve the colors and properties of the fruit. With the vacuum method we extract the water contained in the fruit itself, thus concentrating the fruit pulp without using pectin or other thickeners. To sweeten our compotes we chose grape sugar, a 100% Italian product derived from fruit (grapes).

Tasting: the sour cherry compote is the compote for tarts par excellence. Also excellent for breakfast or as a snack, on rusks or croissants.

What the earth gives us: AMARENE which by their nature are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and rich in mineral salts.

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Peso 0,230 kg
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