Taxi Beer Blu and Taxi Beer Rossa Mix Format of 6

Taxi Beer Blu and Taxi Beer Rossa Mix Format of 6


3 Taxi Beer Rossa Artigianale, AMBER ALE. 5,2Alc

3 Taxi Beer Blu Artigianale PILS. 5,2Alc



The PILS craft Blue Beer taxi

it is golden, the high amount of carbon dioxide allows for a full-bodied foam. the scent that is perceived is that of hops and malt. In the mouth it is sweet, delicate, gradually giving way to the bitterness and taste of hops; leaves the mouth dry with a spicy aftertaste.

The Red Craft Beer Taxi, AMBER ALE.

It is a top-fermented, unfiltered and unpasteurized beer. Pleasantly lively and decidedly fragrant, it leaves an unmistakable and intriguing flavor on the palate. It is produced with 5 different types of malt and with the addition of medium intensity but persistent. The taste is soft and well balanced with a malty and full-bodied start and a slightly bitter finish. From the WILD spirit

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