Tortellini Modenesi

Tortellini Modenesi


Tortellini is a typicaldish of Emilia Romagna, which has been able to conquer the whole of Italy becoming a symbol of Italian cuisine, and like every regional dish each family has its own recipe.

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How to Cook Them:

Tortellini are generally cooked in a meat broth (AVAILABLE BY CLICKING HERE), but you can also season them with cream, after boiling them in abundant salted water.

For cooking in broth, all you have to do is bring the broth to a boil and immerse the tortellini. Cooking times depend on the thickness of the pastry but also on the size of the tortellino. In principle, we can advise you to take a taste after the first 3 minutes, or as soon as they float, or try to stab them with the tines of a fork.


Fresh egg pasta (Common wheat flour type 00,eggs,salt) Stuffed [Pork meat, Mortadella (pig meat, pig trypsin, potato starch, salt, sugar, natural flavourings, spices, flavour enhancer: monosodium glutamate, milk protein, antioxidant: sodium ascorbate) Parmesan cheese PDO, nutmeg, salt]

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